Tips for Selecting Furniture for Repurposing

Giving new life to old or worn furniture is what is known as repurposing, recycling or upcycling. This practice has been gaining popularity for many years and shows no signs of stopping. You’ve seen it on your favorite decorating and remodeling shows, read about in home decor magazines, and find it gracing furniture and antique stores. Have you thought about giving it a try?

Repurposing offers the opportunity to create something totally unique from an existing piece of furniture, which is both environmentally friendly and honors the history of what you are restoring. Maybe you have a dresser that belonged to your grandparents that doesn’t quite fit into your current decor. Or, perhaps you are strolling through your favorite antique shop and see a table you love, but it could use a little TLC.   Both of these items are perfect candidates for repurposing.

We understand that it may be a bit daunting at first to figure out what makes a good piece to refinish or paint, so that’s where this blog will be helpful! We’ve put together a list of tips to guide you in finding your next diamond in the rough.

1. Generally speaking, furniture between the ages of 1850 and 1960 are ideal candidates, but something newer can also work well if it’s appearance is worn, yet still in good condition.

2. Look past the current finish or color. Use your imagination to envision it in a completely different shade.

3. If the size and shape appeal to you, it’s a good candidate.

4. Examine the piece to see if it is structurally sound. Small cracks or areas of rotting wood are easy to patch. Broken drawers can be replaced with bins or used as open cubbies.

5. Keep in mind that you can completely transform something for a different use. For example, old doors can become headboards, dressers can become vanities.

6. Remember you can change the existing hardware if you don’t like it and the options are endless on what you can choose.

7. When in doubt, ask a sales associate at the antique store for their opinion. Tell them what your ideas are and they can show you items that might work for your repurposing project.

Are you ready to join the repurposing movement? You can start your search with Antique Alley of Bridgeville and Downtown Alley. We have a fantastic selection of items that are ready for you to put your personal stamp on. When you visit, don’t hesitate to let us know what you are searching for. We love to assist in our customer’s treasure hunt.